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◊ Now KaffKleen introduce to its customers the latest technology in cleaning by providing Von Schrader cleaning machines for (carpet, upholstery, wall & ceilings). Von Schrader are adopting very low moisture which avoid you from all cleaning problems it insure for you:

  • Fast drying (usually in about an hour.) Minimizes downtime, especially critical in institutions and other areas that may experience traffic 24 hours per day.
  • Safe, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-operate. The lightweight, compact and portable equipment results in less user fatigue.
  • Faster production rates (sq. ft. per hour) result in less labor hours expended and substantial labor cost savings.


◊ Our interest doesn't stop in providing luxury bathroom accessories only also we care about your health and hygiene for that we are providing Auto Cut Evo hand towel roll dispenser with automatic cut it is :

  • Reliable and maintenance-free.
  • Smoother use and less puling force needing.
  • Versatile operations, uses different types of paper.
  • Maximum hygiene, permits contact only with the portion of product used.



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 Hamed M. Al-Kaff Trading Establishment
◊ Services & Service After Sales ◊



Services & Service After Sales


  • Provide Spare Parts for all machines and equipments.
  • Work shop to maintain and provide services in or outside upon the request of our customers.
  • Installation and monthly maintenance for Aero West system by our qualified professional technicians.
  • Delivery by our special vans to the distances as required.
  • Conduct proper training to clients on how they can use our machines, equipment and chemicals.
  • Janitorial / Cleaning services on request.


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